Dinhata Govt. ITI

mission and vision

Mission of the institute

    • The mission of this institute is to build the career of local trainers by educating them with proper skills and advanced technologies.
    • Another mission of the institute is to provide short-term industrial training without any cost, especially to local trainees. It also focuses on offering job prospects to persons with minimum educational qualification.

Vision of the institute

    • The institute helps to uplift self-discipline, communication skills as well as personality. The institute’s major goal is to equip students with career-oriented training so that they can readily demonstrate their abilities in their chosen sectors.
    • Another essential vision of the institute is to improve the abilities of trainees, which ultimately helps them work proficiently in the practical field and helps them adapt to changes.
    • The most vital vision of this institute is enriching the industrial sector with proficient as well as skilled workers.